Free music! New tracks released.

I’ve recently started not only uploading my music freely for everyone, but also providing music videos for them. And lastly, and so very not leastly, I have invested in the ability to release some of them officially through Spotify, Apple and all the usual suspects! Fun!

This is really fun for me, but I do wish for other people to find them so I can get some sort of feedback. 😉 And it would be neat if other people with my kind of strange tastes would find out, so the joy can be spread around. It’s a big internet out there, and stuff like this is impossible to get noticed, and my music is really hard to describe or attach a genre to. And a bit weird.

I think in a good way, but it’s surely not for the common mans tastes, but I think there’s more people out there than me that enjoy the mixing of worlds, like hard disted ebm and aggrosynth together with choirs and orchestras. And mixing it up with a classical ambient instrumental one track, and club EDM the next track. Or I’m just a deeply damaged soul…

#industrial #ebm #ambient #crossover #instrumental #moodmusic #soundtracks #confused

In either case, find my music at these places listed right here: Songlink

Here you’ll find links to all my other profiles where you can find my free songs and videos.

And if do, pretty please let me know if you have any comments at all in any of the comment sections available on any platform! Or if you prefer, on my twitter.

Also, I can’t recommend Audius enough. It’s a new blockchain-based alternative to Spotify which hosts thousands of artists, free to use and audio quality is extreme:

Official releases (spotify and youtube)

Music video releases playlist:

Music video releases under my old band project, about:blank:

Soundcloud, that I use more liberally for uploading unfinished tracks and experiments as well:


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