Earning free money online – actually.

There are some easy and non-annoying ways to earn a little side cash online, that’s *not* about spam.

Basically, these are a few things I myself have got running since they don’t require any special effort or attention. They don’t amount to any level of major payout of course, but it’s a coffee or two a month, or a lunch – for free. So why not?

There’s a lot of scams and seriously counterproductive ways to earn a dime or two on the web, so most of us are pretty sceptical to everything about it. But, being in a tight spot, I have been keeping an eye out for a while now. And a few things that managed to stay with me, and proven serious (pays out), are the following:


This is an app/software that you install and run on your computer (mac/pc/linux) or phone (ios/android) that utilizes your unused bandwidth of your internet connection in order to act as a cloudfront-like content delivery network for companies and institutions. It doesn’t slow down your internet in any way that I’ve noticed after almost half a year, and has no impact on system performance whatsoever. Which I’m both surprised and delighted about! This has to be the single most idiotproof way to make some small income without doing a thing. Just run it and forget it, and it ticks away in the background until you reach 20$ which is then paid out either in bitcoin or through paypal. I reached that a few weeks ago and the payment was done within a day. I wouldn’t even consider *not* having this little app installed on my devices now!

Here’s my invitation link that gives you 5$ to start with, and gives me equal to 10% of your earnings (which you’ll get a link for as well when you’re registered): https://r.honeygain.me/WEIDE073C1

Brave Browser

Yeah, this blog is on the Vivaldi network and it’s true that Vivaldi is a brilliant browser. And I use it. But I simultaneously use Brave as well. And one reason for it, apart from its excellent privacy, is their inbuilt advertising reward system. Simply put, if you so allow it then it will pop up a few notices per hour with a couple of lines of text from advertisers. And in return you are rewarded with BAT, basic attention token, which is a crypto coin that is simple to convert to any other currency if you wish. It’s paid out monthly, and not long ago they allowed for increasing the number of ads shown up to 10 per hour. Meaning more BATs for your surfing time! It’s a non-intrusive win-win setup that I think works brilliantly.


This is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows you to “mine” bitcoin through their site by clicking an activation button. It doesn’t really mine them, it seems more like they’re using it as an excuse to get their users to keep active since the button needs to be activated every four hours when it resets. But that doesn’t really matter for this purpose! What you receive is bitcoin in your account that is redeemable when you reach 10usd. Which you can do about once a month if you keep at it reasonably often (a couple of times a day, open the page and click). The award is then usable for investing, for example in futures, of which any profits are fully redeemable by you. So it’s an about-way of doing things, but hey – it’s free and effortless. They do have a phone app as well, which simplifies the process considerably.

Here’s my invitation link for that as well, that gifts you 3$ to start with and bonuses me with 15% equalling of your eventual withdrawals: https://app.stormgain.com/friend/BNS56212043


Bower is a phone app that has become an addiction for my girlfriend. If you’re swedish, this thing actually rewards you for your garbage. Yes, really. Every time you throw something out, anything at all and even that spaghetti packaging, you can just scan the QR code on the package before you throw it in the bin and it will register itself and reward you 1 point. Some packagings are rewarded more if they are from a supporting chain, currently Coop. You then open the app the next time you’re putting everything in the recycling/garbage container and verify that you’re doing so, and you will be rewarded the points which are then convertable into things like (actually pretty good) discounts and offers. But also pure, cold cash! Currently they have a limit on cash withdrawals, for obvious reasons while they work out their system, but you can still get a coffee or two worth of cash per month apart from the various deals and discounts. So, you literally earn from trash. Which is hard to argue with, really.

To Bower site and apps for android and iphone and there’s a invite code which I’m not quite sure what it’s for, but here it is anyway: 7adf08f0

So, I hope you find any of them useful. I sure do!


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